Mini Torque Automatic trigger start clutch screwdriver.

  • Adopting the high functionality of innovation and brushless feature.
  • Small and light weight, noiseless, streamlined appearance, high stability and easy to use.
  • First creation with the smallest and lightest brushless motor feature.
  • First innovation of Forward/Reverse switch modes. Screws can be loosed easily just in a moment without switching the switch modes.
  • Two lowest torque specifications: / The best choice for producing high precision products, such as watches, high precision hard-drives and etc.
  • 1000rpm / 700rpm ; 280rpm / 200rpm rotation rates; directly switching from power source.
  • Certification: ETL and CE
  • Anti-static electricity selections on the Cover Housing.

Models: SKD-B100L / SKD-B103L / SKD-B100LS4 / SKD-B103LS4